Monday, April 2, 2018

Why Individualized Care Matters

Why Individualized Care Matters
Study after study shows that individualizing a child’s early education creates a love of learning and helps children engage in their own development. By individualizing each child’s care WOW is able to meet each child’s needs in a unique way.
Here are just a few examples of how WOW individualizes care for each child:
Individualized Curriculum: Our HighScope curriculum takes the learning level of each child and works to develop skills each day. Our curriculum is posted outside each room and is free for parents to review at any time. On each teacher’s lesson plans they individualize the curriculum with their work/choice time additions in addition to planning for early, middle and later learners.
Individualized schedules: Our families are free to drop off and pick up any time during our operating hours. We do not require a set schedule because we know that your family’s needs may change. In addition, each child has their own schedule-infants eat when they are hungry, children can take a nap at any time, and we allow them to choose when they want to play or take a moment of quiet time!
Daily Learning Opportunities: Each day children at WOW have a choice in their learning activities. In our infant and toddler rooms this is called Choice Time, in PS/PK/SA programs this is called work time. During these times of the day all types of activities are offered so children can play while learning social skills, working on developmental milestones and having help to master skills they are working on.
Planning Opportunities: Children help plan all of our activities and learning opportunities! In the infant and toddler programs teachers are trained to spot what activities children enjoy most. They then use this knowledge to plan future activities that our students will enjoy. In our older classrooms children plan their activities each day, do the activities, and review them as part of Work Time. In addition, children are asked what type of special events they would like to participate in!
Student choice: From where students sit, to what they wear, WOW encourages all children, of all ages, to make choices throughout the day! We believe that all children should be able to participate in activities they want to or choose alternative activities if they want. Student choice is a BIG part of our program!

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