Thursday, March 10, 2016

What is a non-profit early learning center?

Author: Lauren Fontaine (Executive Director)

All non-profit child care centers work in different ways. Some are owned by individuals who have the aid of a board of directors (sometimes paid), some are run through a religious organization and some (like World of Wonders) are run by a volunteer parent Board of Trustees.

What does this mean for customers?
At WOW our customers are the voice of our program. We rely on our trained and educated staff to carry through and complete the goals set forth by our Board of Trustees. Should any parent, staff member, or community member ever have a question or concern, and the Administrative Staff is unable to give properly address that concern, they may contact the Board (

What does this mean for children?
The children at WOW are our #1 priority. With parent, community, and staff input we are able to build a responsive program that meets the needs of all of our families and children. As a non-profit we strive to provide the best education for all children, meet the needs of all children no matter what their background is, and stay up to date with the most current trends in early education, care of children, and developmental screenings.

What does this mean for employees?
Our employees have a huge impact on our program. Each year there is a Board meeting that the employees are invited to so they can give feedback about day to day operations as well as how the program runs. In addition there is a yearly survey done to give further feedback on the program. Employees are always free to contact the Board of Trustees through email or attend open meetings.

What does this mean for the community?
Without the community WOW would not exist. Union county, and its residents have supported the WOW program for over 30 years. Each non-profit child care center depends on community support, donations and involvement to function. Thank you to all of our supporters for your generous donations, volunteered time and hard work!

Any one who would like may attend our Board meetings. For more information please visit...

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