Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sensory Play!

At any good early learning program sensory experiences will be a part of the daily routine. In a school that uses the HighScope curriculum, such as World of Wonders, you will see daily, age appropriate, sensory experience incorporated into learning. This includes experiences with sand, water, and other items.

At WOW we not only use sensory experiences during choice time and work time, but we also plan 4 seasonal sensory days a year. Here are some pictures from our most recent sensory day.

Using different items in a bucket of mud helps with small motor skills and manipulation of objects.

This sensory experience was used to talk about ducks, swimming and water.
 Dry dirt and toy snakes were used to discuss habitats.
Flower petals used to talk about the change in seasons

 Feathers, eggs and toy birds were used to talk about bird life cycles

This bin is made out of diapers! No really! We took diapers, soaked them in water and then took the goo out of the diapers. We used food coloring to make it fun colors. This is a great way to learn about measuring. (Don't worry the diapers were clean!)

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